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Packaging of a Mono application on Linux

How to package a Mono (.NET) applications for Debian-based Linux in command line. Packaging process can be easily automated on Continues Integration Server.


Package building workflow is quite simple:

  • Assign a version number to a .NET assembly code
  • Build binaries
  • Copy binaries to package folder and build deb-package with the same version as an assembly

Build process will be controlled by MSBuild project file and run from a continues integrations server. MSBuild on Mono platform is substituted by xbuild utility.

Sample solution is available for download here https://github.com/mchudinov/PackagingMono. Solution is compatible with Visual Studio 2012, MonoDevelop/Xamarin Studio 5.

This is my third blogpost about automation of development workflow with Mono. Automated building and versioning were covered in my previous posts:

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Free .NET development software alternatives

The standard software stack for a .NET developer is

  • OS – desktop Windows
  • IDE – Visual Studio
  • Database – SQL Server

All these components are quite pricey. But there are free alternatives. And with my recent project I decided to use alternative software for development and production in .NET, all totally free.

  • OS – Linux Mint 17 (based on Debian/Ubuntu)
  • IDE – MonoDevelop
  • Database – MySQL Community Edition

Sample solution can be downloaded from here https://github.com/mchudinov/EF6MySQL
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