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How to build and deploy a web deployment package using MSBuild

Web application packaging and deployment automation using MSBuild needs the following steps:


Step 0. Server preparation is covered here How to prepare a Windows Server 2012 for web deployment

  1. Configure solution build profiles
  2. Configure transformation of web.config file
  3. Configure publishing profiles
  4. Create a web deployment package with MSBuild script
  5. Run deployment from command line

Sample solution that includes build script and configured publishing profiles can be downloaded here https://github.com/mchudinov/BuildWebDeployPackage
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How to prepare a Windows Server 2012 for web deployment

Here is a list of steps for preparation of a Windows Server 2012 for deployment of web packages or deployment from Visual Studio.


  1. Activate Web server role
  2. Install Web Deploy
  3. Open network ports
  4. Create an account for deployment
  5. Create web sites
  6. Configure deployment for sites

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Packaging of a .NET application on Windows

This post is about how to package .NET application for Windows into an MSI (MicroSoft Installer) package using Wix# tool in command line. Packaging process can be easily automated on continues integration server.


Generally application building workflow is simple:

  • Assign a version number to an assembly
  • Build binaries
  • Copy binaries to package folder and build msi-package with the same version as  assembly

Build process will be controlled by MSBuild project file and can be started from a continues integrations server.

Sample solution is available for download here https://github.com/mchudinov/PackagingMSI. Solution is compatible with Visual Studio 2013.

Automated building and versioning processes were described in my previous posts:

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