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How to encrypt data in browser with JavaScript and decrypt on server side with PHP

Client-server encryption-decryption using Advanced Encryption Algorithm (AES) in client and server is complicated because exactly the same algorithm must be implemented twice: once for client side in JavaScript and once for server side in PHP,C# etc.

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PHP Console – a new must-have php debugging tool

PHP Console is a debugging tool for PHP that writes debug info to Chrome debugging console. It was recently updated to the version 3 and has a lot of new nice features now.

There is a similar debugging tool FirePHP that does the same job with Firefox and FireBug.
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How to change location of the pear.ini for php 5.4 and 5.5 on Windows

When PEAR installs itself on Windows it places pear.ini file in the system folder c:\Windows by default. Which sometimes needs to be changed after all. And sometimes it is not possible for some reasons (not sure why, probably a bug in PEAR installation scripts) to change this location during the installation. Then we need to change this location when PEAR is already installed and in use.
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How to install PEAR on Windows

There was a PEAR installer go-pear.bat that referred to ./PEAR/go-pear.phar in php versions prior to 5.3 on Windows. But since version 5.3 this installer is absent. Strange enough but official PEAR installation guide still refers to the absent go-pear.bat file. But then it writes about update of PEAR installation by requesting a new go-pear.phar and that is what we should actually do at the beginning.
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PHP extension collections links

PHP extensions collections




WinCache – Windows Cache Extension

XCache – binary downloads for Windows

Microsoft Drivers 3.0 for PHP for SQL Server


Unofficial Microsoft SQL Server Driver for PHP (sqlsrv)

How to read directory in PHP fast

We need to get a list of specific files from a directory.

Say we need to find all *.php files in our c:\inetpub\wwwroot folder. There are a couple of options to do it in PHP: opendir(), glob(), scandir() and RecursiveDirectoryIterator class. If we need to search through subfolders then the simplest solution in my opinion is to use the RecursiveDirectoryIterator class. Continue reading

How to create mock for a method with reference parameters

While testing PHP we need sometimes to create a mock for a method with reference parameters. I use returnCallback() from PHPUnit framework to to this. returnCallback() will call a function that imitates functionality of the original method. The original method can be either public or protected.
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How to iterate date and time in PHP

We need to iterate date and time between two predefined time moments with a predefined time step.

For example 30 minutes step

$start = new \DateTime(...);
$end = new \DateTime(...);
for ($temp=$start; $temp<=$end; $temp->add(new \DateInterval('PT30M')))

1 day step

for ($temp=$start; $temp<=$end; $temp->add(new \DateInterval('P1D')))