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How to change location of the pear.ini for php 5.4 and 5.5 on Windows

When PEAR installs itself on Windows it places pear.ini file in the system folder c:\Windows by default. Which sometimes needs to be changed after all. And sometimes it is not possible for some reasons (not sure why, probably a bug in PEAR installation scripts) to change this location during the installation. Then we need to change this location when PEAR is already installed and in use.
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How to install PEAR on Windows

There was a PEAR installer go-pear.bat that referred to ./PEAR/go-pear.phar in php versions prior to 5.3 on Windows. But since version 5.3 this installer is absent. Strange enough but official PEAR installation guide still refers to the absent go-pear.bat file. But then it writes about update of PEAR installation by requesting a new go-pear.phar and that is what we should actually do at the beginning.
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