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How to integrate TeamCity with remote Mercurial through SSH

I have a couple of Merurial repos on BitBucket. And I have a CI TeamCity server on Windows. I want to integrate my local TeamCity with remote repos on BitBucket through SSH.

Ok, let’s start. As a precondition we should have PuTTY installed and added to PATH on TeamCity Windows server and a generated public/private SSH keys pair.
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How to move from remote SVN to Mercurial

I was working with SVN quite a long time and was happy about it. But number of active projects increased and some of them were needed to be supported even while travels. Since that time I moved to decentralised version control system and have control over my code-sources even when I’m travelling and without internet connection.

For code hosting I use SourceForge.net for opencource projects and BitBucket.org for private projects. BitBucket.org supports both Git and Mercurial and allows 5 repo users for free. I prefer to work with Mercurial.

How to move a code repository from remote SVN server to Mercurial BitBucket?
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