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TeamCity agent on Windows with Git through SSH

How to make work TeamCity Agent  on Windows with Git through SSH

1. Run TeamCity Agent not from System account

2. This account must have a PuTTY session stored with SSH key

3. Server’s key must be cached by the TeamCity agent acount. Run plink in console and point plink to the target server.

plink -agent -i c:\[path-to-key]\my_teamcity_private_key.ppk bitbucket.org

Confirm key caching ‘y’

How to integrate TeamCity with remote Mercurial through SSH

I have a couple of Merurial repos on BitBucket. And I have a CI TeamCity server on Windows. I want to integrate my local TeamCity with remote repos on BitBucket through SSH.

Ok, let’s start. As a precondition we should have PuTTY installed and added to PATH on TeamCity Windows server and a generated public/private SSH keys pair.
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